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Chateau Lafite Rothschild, Pauillac, France 2000


Château Ducru-Beaucaillou Saint-Julien Red Bordeaux Blend 1989


Harlan Estate Napa Valley Proprietary Red Blend 2012


Louis Roederer Cristal Brut Millesime, Champagne 1990


Sell with us

WineAdvise offers a full range of options to sell your wine.  Selling wine does not need to be difficult and WineAdvise strives to make it as efficient as possible and take the work out of your hands.


WineAdvise works with you to determine what to sell by providing a free valuation of what you would expect to net.  We work with you to determine your goals and choose the right method for selling.  You choose what to sell and what not to sell to give you time to adjust your collection whether to make room for new wine, changing tastes or in the event of a life change.

Sales Methods 

We utilize 3 primary methods depending on your goals.  
1)  Consignment – WineAdvise has a retail license and can consign your wines through our large network of partners, clients and online sales.  This method nets you the most, but takes a bit longer.  
2)  Brokerage – We utilize our large network of collectors, fine wine retailers and industry channels to net you the highest cash offer for a quick close and guaranteed price. 
3)  Auction – We assess your collection to determine if auction is right for you.  In most cases, auction may not be the best plan as the process can be long, net you what you might expect with consignment or a cash sale, and no guarantee.  However, with large collections and top wines, auction may be a good option and our relationships with the top houses ensure you receive the best return.  

Support and Fees

Throughout the entire process we manage the quotes, logistics of packing and shipping the wine, negotiations to ensure you receive the highest return on your wine. 
Consignment:  You net 80% of all sales.  We agree before any sales on all pricing and communicate each month with a sales report, recommendations and payment for all sales from the previous month.
Brokerage:  We charge 10-15% of the final agreed upon sales price depending on the size.  We provide an initial quote, negotiate on your behalf, manage all logistics and work directly with the buyer for final payment.
Auction:  We charge 10-15% of the realized sales.  We negotiate with the auction house for all seller fees, logistics as well as placement within the catalog and auction.  Any unsold lots we can look for a buyer or consign.


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