Whether you need an appraisal for insurance, an updated inventory or an analysis of peak drinking for your collection, WineAdvise has a complete solution.


WineAdvise offers USPAP (Industry Standard) appraisal services to provide a complete valuation of your wine or Whisky collection. We can work from an existing inventory or come onsite to perform an inventory. Valuations can be completed for any appraisal need you may have – insurance, estate planning, for auction estimates or to see what you might get selling a collection.


Hunting for a hard to find bottle?  WineAdvise has a large network of retailers, brokers, private clients, producers and distributors globally to find almost any wine or whisky.  Let us do the hard work tracking down that back vintage or low production wine.

Collection Management:

Organizing a collection can be an overwhelming task, let our team take a complete inventory, organize your collection for maximum enjoyment and keep your collection current.  Understanding when a wine is at its peak drinking window can be overwhelming, WineAdvise provides analysis and tracks the health of a collection using our Vitis platform.



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