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If you choose to sell, trust WineAdvise to maximize the value of your wine collection. With more than 20 years of experience in the wine business, WineAdvise’s management team offers the most comprehensive, flexible and customized experience.





























Direct Purchase vs. Auction

WineAdvise usually recommends a direct purchase either by us or through one of our preferred vendors.  Direct purchases offer the advantage of an agreed upon price, and payment is typically made within 2-3 weeks.


However, there are times when auction may be the best option for wines with potential condition issues, large collections or those with perfect provenance that might surpass current market conditions. Payment is typically made 6-8 weeks after the date of sale.

Direct Purchase/Consignment

WineAdvise purchases wine collections directly or through consignment. We use proprietary technology to value and price any wine using existing retail and auction records. Wine Advise offers you either immediate payment upon inspection or a consignment to maximize your return.


WineAdvise works with private collectors, retailers and auction houses to sell collections.  We negotiate on your behalf, handle all logistics, and ensure you receive the best price possible for your wine.

Getting Started

WineAdvise takes an existing inventory and, at no charge, provides an estimate. If you do not have an inventory, we will catalogue and value your collection for a minimal fee, which will be included should an offer be accepted.


WineAdvise can finalize payment immediately or soon after inspection depending on the method of sale. For wines sold at auction, payment timelines vary.


WineAdvise will arrange for inspection, packing and shipping, so you don’t have to worry



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